From her Brighton studio, Glass In Fusion, Stephanie specialises in making high quality contemporary glass designs using a variety of kiln-forming and glass fusing techniques.


Working with combinations of both transparent and opaque glass she adds metals, foils and lustres to produce a stunning range of both decorative and functional works of art, giftware and jewellery.


Inspired by the beauty of the glass itself, and the ever changing elements of nature, she combines a vibrant use of colour with surface texture and pattern to create beautifully tactile pieces whilst exploiting the natural translucent and jewel like qualities it possesses.


As a self-taught artist, Stephanie has worked and played with glass for many years.  She never tires of experimenting and exploring new techniques, and her passion for her craft shows in her constantly evolving designs.

Stephanie particularly enjoys working on commission pieces, working closely with clients to create stunning bespoke designs to suit their requirements. She has shown her work both nationally and internationally, and is the proud winner of the 2019 Stone International Art Award.

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'I enjoy the unpredictable nature of my work - never quite knowing what a finished piece will look like when it comes out of the kiln, and the fact that no two pieces can ever be the same'

WINNER - London Art Award 2020

FINALIST - Creates Emerging Artist Award 2020

WINNER - Stone International Art Award 2019

FINALIST - London Contemporary Art Prize 2018